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TRX20 Toro Walk-Behind Trencher

Efficiency and Precision for Your Excavation Needs

Discover the TRX-20 Toro Walk-behind Trencher, your ultimate companion for precision excavation projects. Engineered for versatility and reliability, this compact trencher is the perfect solution for landscaping, irrigation installations, and underground utility work. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, the TRX-20 Toro Walk-behind Trencher delivers exceptional performance and productivity on any job site.

Featuring impressive specifications tailored to handle diverse trenching tasks with ease, the TRX-20 Toro Walk-behind Trencher stands out among the competition:

  • Engine Power: 20 horsepower

  • Trench Depth: Up to 91 cm (36 inches)

  • Trench Width: 10 cm (4 inches)

  • Ground Speed: 4.8 km/h (3 mph)

  • Weight: 866 kg (1,910 lb)

Whether you're digging trenches for irrigation lines, electrical cables, or drainage systems, the TRX-20 Toro Walk-behind Trencher offers unparalleled efficiency and precision to streamline your projects. Elevate your productivity and experience the difference with the TRX-20 Toro Walk-behind Trencher today.

Equip 17

Daily $290

Weekly $1100

Monthly $2400

Rent the Walk-Behind Trencher Today!

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