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Kubota SSV75

Unmatched Power and Precision in Skid Steer Loaders

Experience unmatched power and precision with the Kubota SSV75, a dynamic skid steer loader designed to excel in various applications. Engineered for durability and efficiency, this innovative machine is ideal for a wide range of projects, from construction and landscaping to agriculture and beyond. With its robust construction and advanced features, the Kubota SSV75 delivers exceptional performance and productivity on the job site.

Featuring impressive specifications to handle tough tasks with ease, the Kubota SSV75 is a game-changer in the industry:

  • Engine Power: 74.3 horsepower

  • Operating Capacity: 1,307 kg (2,880 lb)

  • Tipping Load: 2,615 kg (5,775 lb)

  • Lift Height: 3.07 meters (10.1 feet)

  • Travel Speed: 11.1 km/h (6.9 mph)

Whether you're grading, loading, digging, or hauling, the Kubota SSV75 offers unmatched versatility and precision to tackle any project. Elevate your productivity to new heights with the Kubota SSV75 and experience the difference it makes on your job site.

Equip 9

Daily $450

Weekly $1800

Monthly $5400

Rent the Kubota SSV75 Today!

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